1. Overview

The academic experience at Georgian College is focused on student-centred learning, support for student success, academic integrity and excellence. The academic regulations are based on accountability for academic standards and integrity of course credits and program credentials. The student’s success at Georgian will be enhanced and guided by these regulations, enabling a smooth path through the academic process and their ability to navigate through exceptions and unusual situations.

These regulations apply to all students and all academic and related experiences offered by Georgian College. Students are required to be familiar with these regulations and reference them for those occasions when they have questions about their progress or when circumstances may arise. Lack of knowledge of these regulations, particularly when it pertains to academic misconduct, does not constitute a valid defence against action by the college.

A number of non-academic regulations govern student life and conduct at Georgian College. All regulations are available on Georgian’s website: GeorgianCollege.ca/admissions/academic-regulations /. Information about the situations in which these regulations apply and the regulations themselves may be obtained through program co-ordinators, student advisors, academic officers, the Georgian College Students’ Association, student success counsellors, staff in the Office of the Registrar or other staff members. In addition to Georgian’s regulations, all students are subject to both criminal and civil law, as enacted by local, provincial and federal governments. The college co-operates fully in situations that fall under these jurisdictions, but also reserves the right to apply its own regulations, policies and procedures independent of the processes or outcome of processes required by these jurisdictions.

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