10. Test and examination regulations

Tests and examinations must be written at the time scheduled by the faculty. Only documented medical/family emergency situations or conflicting religious observance schedules are grounds for special consideration. Requests for adjustments to prescribed examination or test dates must be made before the examination or test dates. See Accommodation of Religious Observances procedure.

Students should also be aware of the following:

  • No evaluation is permitted after the last day of classes of a semester.
  • Students must appear at the test room at least five minutes before the examination or test is scheduled to start.
  • No one is allowed into a test room during an examination or test except the students writing the examination or test and the faculty.
  • Bags and books must be left in areas designated by the faculty (not taken to a desk or table).
  • Students must bring their student ID/ONEcard for admission into the test room and they should place the cards on their desk (where it can be seen).
  • Faculty have the authority to assign seats.
  • Students must follow the instructions on the examination booklet, answer sheet or examination paper, as appropriate.
  • If students wish to enter the test room after an examination or test has started, they must have the faculty’s permission. If permission is given, students must complete the examination or test in the time remaining. If not, they will receive a mark of “0” on the examination.
  • Faculty may ban any device deemed to compromise the integrity of a test or examination.
  • If students bring unauthorized material into the test room or asks for assistance from any other student or unauthorized source, they will not be permitted to continue writing. They may also be denied permission to write subsequent examinations or tests and may be subject to penalties under the regulations for academic misconduct.
  • Once an examination or test has started, students cannot leave the test room for at least the first 30 minutes, nor can they leave during the final 10 minutes (so as to not distract others still writing), except in Marine courses where students are not permitted to leave the examination or test environment during the entire period, as regulated by Transport Canada.
  • All writing must stop when faculty announces that the examination or test time is over. If students do not observe this rule, their papers may not be accepted.
  • Students are not permitted to take examination books and other materials out of the examination room unless specified in the course outline.

10.1 Cancellation of examinations or tests

In the event of a college closure due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, students should contact their academic area for information with regards to the rebooking or action required as a result of the cancellation. 

Faculty will determine an acceptable means of covering the course material and achieving the learning outcomes.   If a campus is closed on a scheduled exam date, the Registrar's office and the Academic area will re-schedule the exam to a suitable date and time and students will normally be notified by their Academic area via their Georgian email or Blackboard course accounts.  

(Faculty/staff should reference the Unscheduled Campus Closure Procedure #2-102.) 

Generally, notifications of college closures are made via:

  • College web site
  • Radio and television announcements through local and regional media
  • College telephone system automated message
  • Staff news
  • Blackboard
  • All staff email
  • All student email to college accounts
  • Georgian College Facebook site
  • Georgian College Twitter feed  
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