10. Tests and examinations

Tests and examinations must be written at the time scheduled by the faculty. Documented medical/family emergency situations, conflicting religious observance schedules, students in varsity games or Georgian College Student Association executive members in Georgian Board of Governor, or senior management scheduled events, are grounds for special consideration. Requests for adjustments to prescribed examination or test dates must be made before the examination or test dates. 

10.1 Academic accommodations for persons with disabilities 

All Georgian College students with disabilities are eligible for accommodations and support services. Students must register with Accessibility Services prior to any tests or exams, to allow the faculty to make any required arrangements. Academic accommodations are designed to create access and reduce/eliminate limitations that may impact learning and participationAcademic accommodations do not guarantee a level of achievement. Accommodations must be reasonable and cannot change the learning outcomes of the course

10.2 Academic accommodations for religious observances 

Georgian College, in agreement with and in support of the Ontario Human Rights Code, is committed to respecting the religious beliefs and practices of all members of the college community and to making accommodations for observances of special significance.  

Every effort will be made to avoid scheduling in-class or formal tests and examinations on days of special religious significance throughout the year. The dates for all religious holidays will be taken into consideration by the Office of the Registrar and remain consistent with those in the Ontario Public Service Religious Holiday Policy.  Accommodations must be reasonable and cannot change the learning outcomes of the course. 

Faculty should inform students of the existence of this policy and the process to request accommodation for religious observanceRefer to the Accommodation of Religious Observances procedure. 

10.3 Guidelines 

  • Students with more than two tests or exams of weighted value, each of 40 per cent or more over a 24-hour period, may connect with their faculty and student success advisor to discuss options for rescheduling. This discussion must take place a minimum of four weeks prior to the tests/exams.   
  • No evaluation is permitted after the last day of classes of a semester unless otherwise agreed on by the faculty and Office of the Registrar.
  • Students must appear at the test room at least five minutes before the examination or test is scheduled to start.
  • No one is allowed into a test room during an examination or test except the students writing the examination or test and the faculty and approved proctor.
  • Bags, books and devices such as phones must be left in areas designated by the faculty (not taken to a desk or table).
  • Faculty may ban any device deemed to compromise the integrity of a test or examination.
  • Students must bring their student ID (ONEcard) for admission into the test room and they should place the card on their desk (where it can be seen). If a student is using the mobile app, they must abide by direction from faculty regarding personal devices and be prepared to show their digital ONEcard upon request.
  • Faculty have the authority to assign seats.
  • Students must follow the instructions on the examination booklet, answer sheet or examination paper, as appropriate.
  • If students wish to enter the test room after an examination or test has started, they must have the faculty’s permission. If permission is given, students must complete the examination or test in the time remaining. If not, they will receive a mark of “0” on the examination.
  • If students bring unauthorized material into the test room or asks for assistance from any other student or unauthorized source, they will not be permitted to continue writing. They may also be denied permission to write subsequent examinations or tests and may be subject to penalties under the regulations for academic misconduct. See section 8: Academic integrity.
  • Once an examination or test has started, students cannot leave the test room for at least the first 30 minutes, nor can they leave during the final 10 minutes (so as to not distract others still writing), except in Marine courses where students are not permitted to leave the examination or test environment during the entire period, as regulated by Transport Canada.
  • All writing must stop when faculty announces that the examination or test time is over. If students do not observe this rule, their papers may not be accepted.
  • Students are not permitted to take examination books and other materials out of the examination room unless specified in the course outline.

10.4 Cancellations

In the event of a college closure due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, students should contact their faculty for information with regards to the re-booking or action required as a result of the cancellation. 

Faculty will determine an acceptable means of covering the course material and achieving the learning outcomes.   If a campus is closed on a scheduled exam date, the Office of the Registrar and the academic area will re-schedule the exam to a suitable date and time and students will normally be notified by their faculty via their Georgian email or Blackboard course accounts.  (Faculty/staff should reference the Unscheduled Campus Closure Procedure #2-102.) 

10.5 Notification of college closures 

Generally, notifications of college closures are made via:

  • College web site
  • Radio and television announcements through local and regional media
  • College telephone system automated message
  • Staff news
  • Blackboard
  • All staff email
  • All student email to college accounts
  • Georgian College Facebook site
  • Georgian College Twitter feed  
  • Student portal "MyGCLife"
  • safe@Georgian app

10.6 Academic accommodations due to on-campus delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic

All persons, including students, faculty and staff, who are on campus will abide by Georgian College’s COVID-19 Reporting Symptoms and Direct Contact Protocol. During this special circumstance, where a student is unable to complete on-campus course work due to COVID-19 protocols, the student must notify the faculty immediately by email, and where possible, at least 24 hours prior to the start of the evaluation. Please refer to section 7.2.2: Academic accommodations regarding required documentation to support absences.

The faculty will determine an acceptable means of covering the course material and achieving the learning outcomes in a reasonable timeframe, typically within the term dates or prior to the 10th day of class in the subsequent term. There may be some circumstances where learning outcomes cannot be achieved, such as courses that have specific accreditation requirements. The student will be required to provide written agreement by email, within two days, to the means and timelines for covering the learning outcomes, to the faculty, program coordinator, Associate Dean or Dean, and to adhere to this agreement. Failure to agree to the means and timeline or meeting the deadlines will result in the grade being assigned with the course work completed up until that time.

Where students may not be able to complete the course work, alternate options such as withdrawal without academic penalty (WD) for the course, an incomplete grade (IN) or a pass by aegrotat (AEG) may be considered. Please see section 4: Academic grade record and promotion for academic grade definitions.  Typically, if the student can’t complete the course, the student will be required to register for the course in a future semester. 

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