5. Academic grade record and promotion

5.1 Grading system 

In most cases, students will receive a numerical grade. Other grading symbols may be used in certain instances to describe course status. Numerical grades are submitted by instructors and are used in the calculation of the program and semester grade point average (GPA). When a fail (F) appears on a transcript it is calculated in the semester GPA as 49 per cent. Other grading symbols are not calculated in grade point averages. Below is a legend describing the available grades that may appear on a student's record and official transcript. 

Course Grading Symbols

S Co-op work term successfully completed
U Co-op work term unsuccessful; must be repeated
P Course requirements met
F Unsatisfactory performance; failed to meet course requirements
IN Course incomplete; further work required. Work must be completed within one semester
IP Course in progress. Grade will be issued at end of semester
AS Advanced standing granted for related accredited postsecondary credits
EX Exemption granted for previous educational credits
WD Withdrawal in accordance with college academic regulation
AU Audited course
MT Mid-term of full-year course, no grade available
ASN Courses taught by an association. Credit not issued by Georgian
ATT Course with no evaluation factor; normally a non-credit course
DNA Did not attend; normally a non-credit course
UNV Course taught by a partner institution
NP Suitable co-op placement not found
AEG Pass by aegrotat. Portion of work term not completed due to illness or other equally compelling reason. Minimum pass granted for graduation purposes

5.1.1 Transcripts

At the end of each academic semester, students may view their unofficial transcript online. Official transcripts will be provided on the MyCreds electronic platform upon request. Official transcripts are subject to a fee. For more information about requesting a transcript and how to use the MyCreds system, visit the How to order a transcript page on the website.

5.1.2 Calculation of weighted averages

Semester and program weighted averages are used to determine GPA. GPA is used to determine promotional status and eligibility to graduate. GPA includes all credit courses taken in the semester. Grades receive quality points (QP) ranging from 0 to 100 (grade earned = QP). Courses are assigned “credits” based on the number of total hours (42-hour course = 3 credits). The total course QP is calculated by multiplying the QP (based on the grade) by the course credits. For example, a student completes four courses as follows:

MATH 1001 3 credits 70 per cent 70 QP x 3 credits = 210 total QP
ACCT 1006 3 credits 65 per cent 65 QP x 3 credits = 195 total QP
PSYC 1000 3 credits 80 per cent 80 QP x 3 credits = 240 total QP
GNED 1003 3 credits 50 per cent 50 QP x 3 credits = 150 total QP

12 total credits = 795 total semester QP

To calculate the semester GPA, divide the total QP by the total course credits as follows:

795 total semester QP/12 total credits = 66.2 per cent.

Program GPA (used for determining graduation status) is computed similarly, but only includes the grades for courses used towards graduation. Failed courses and courses not applicable to that program are excluded from the calculation

5.1.3 Incomplete grade designation

If the student does not, or cannot, complete all course requirements due to extenuating circumstances, they may request a temporary “incomplete” grade designation (IN) from the faculty and negotiate a contract to complete the course requirements by a specified date. This is a privilege, not a right. The following conditions apply to an incomplete grade:

  • The student must have a passing average in the course at the time of the request.
  • Permission to use college resources (including the faculty's services) must be obtained from the appropriate dean/associate dean.

The contract must be completed within 30 calendar days of submitting the incomplete grade and should include a list of outstanding course requirements along with expected completion dates for each component. The maximum duration for completing the contract is four months. If the student needs more time, they must repeat the entire course. If the contract is completed within the agreed time period, the student’s grade will be processed. The faculty, through the appropriate program coordinator, will inform the Office of the Registrar if the contract has been completed and will then assign a final grade within three days of the contract completion date.

An “incomplete” will not be granted in situations in which the student has submitted all course requirements but failed the course.

5.1.4 Co-op incomplete

An “incomplete” status for a co-op work term may be designated by the co-op consultant when requirements of a co-op experience credit have not been met due to extenuating circumstances (Section 4.3.4: Incomplete grade designation).

5.2 Promotional status

A student’s promotional status is determined at the end of each semester based on their semester GPA. A student studying on a part-time basis will be assessed for promotion once they have completed six credit courses. Certain programs may have additional promotional status requirements in addition to those stated in this document. Students are advised to consult official program outlines for more information. 

The passing grade for most courses is 50 per cent. Some programs require a higher grade for promotion to the next semester, to be used as a prerequisite to a subsequent course, and graduation requirements as follows:

  • Courses in the Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training program with a “FIRE” subject code require a minimum grade of 70 per cent to fulfill prerequisite and graduation requirements
  • Courses in the Marine Engineering Technology program require a minimum grade of 60 per cent to fulfill graduation requirements
  • Courses at the graduate certificate level require a minimum grade of 60 per cent to fulfill prerequisite and graduation requirements
  • Georgian College degree courses also require a minimum average of 60 per cent to progress and an average of 65 per cent in core courses and 60 per cent in non-core courses to graduate
  • Courses in the Honours Bachelor of Science - Nursing program (HBSN) with a “NURS” subject code require a minimum grade of 65 per cent to fulfill prerequisite requirements. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 65 per cent to progress each year. In addition, students in HBSN who fail two or more courses or fail a practicum will be withdrawn from the program
  • Courses in the Practical Nursing (PN) programs with a “NRSG” or  “BIOL” subject code require a minimum grade of 65 per cent to fulfill prerequisite requirements. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 65 per cent to progress each year.  In addition, students in PN who fail two or more courses or fail a practicum will be withdrawn from the program.

Additional exceptions are possible; please see the program outline.

A student in any program who fails the same course twice is not permitted to register for it again without prior approval of the academic area and the Office of the Registrar. Students who are permitted to register for a course for the third time and who are again not successful must consult with their dean/associate dean to discuss program progression or transfer options.

A student who fails co-op twice is not permitted to register for another co-op without prior approval of the Co-operative Education and Career Success office, the academic area, and the Office of the Registrar. Students who are permitted to register for a third coop and who are again not successful must consult with their dean/associate dean to discuss program progression or transfer options.

Students are permitted to take clinical, practicum or field placement courses only once, unless they are granted special permission by their dean/associate dean. Students who fail a clinical, practicum or field placement course must consult with their academic area to discuss program progression or transfer options.

For further details, please see the promotional status diagram (below). Promotional status cannot be appealed; however, students are encouraged to speak with their academic area to discuss progression through their program, especially if there were extenuating circumstances contributing to their performance.

5.2.1 Definitions

Good standing – May proceed to next semester

Probation – May proceed to next semester. Student should seek academic advice on how to improve chances for academic success

Academic warning – May proceed to next semester. If the semester GPA is less than 50 per cent, the student may not engage in workplace experiences, including co-op, unless the co-op consultant grants approval. Students must seek academic advice on how to improve their chances for academic success

Academically suspended – Required to withdraw for two semesters. Students who are suspended:

  • May not engage in any form of workplace experience (e.g., co-op, field placement, internship, clinical placement, etc.) that is part of their program
  • May not enrol in any part-time postsecondary credit courses, nor are they admissible to any other Georgian College full-time or part-time certificate or diploma programs (except academic upgrading)
  • Will have any current offers of admission revoked
  • May apply for re-admission after two semesters using the application process and will be subject to a fee
  • If accepted for re-admission or into a new program, the student must achieve a semester GPA of at least 60 per cent in that semester, or they will be academically dismissed

Academic dismissal – Required to withdraw for one calendar year

Students are required to withdraw for one calendar year, whether full-time or part-time. After 12 months, the student may register for part-time general interest non-credit courses or apply for admission to another Georgian College program provided it does not have any vocational courses in common with the program from which they were required to withdraw. 

Students can also be suspended and dismissed due to academic integrity violations (Section 8: Academic integrity).

5.2.2 Promotional status and eligibility for co-op

A student may proceed to a co-op work term if any of the following reflect their current academic standing:

  • Good standing
  • Probation
  • Academic warning with a semester GPA of greater than 50 per cent

In order to be considered eligible for co-op progression, a student must be enrolled full-time in their previous academic semester (Section 4.2.1: Registration definitions). Exceptions may apply to students who have been granted course exemptions, or with the approval of the co-op consultant. 


The diagram below describes the process and grades associated with each step in academic promotion. 

5.3 Dean’s list

The dean’s list, produced by the office of the dean, recognizes full-time, postsecondary students (Section 4.2.1: Registration definitions) who have achieved a GPA of 80 per cent or higher in any one academic semester. This is indicated on their official transcript. Students must not have an outstanding balance with the college or any academic or non-academic conduct issues within the term.

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