Medical Skin Care Therapies

Program: MSCT
Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Delivery: Full-time
Work Integrated Learning: 2 Clinical Placements
Length: 2 Semesters
Duration: 1 Year
Effective: Fall 2024
Location: Barrie


Students explore essential and advanced theory and practice related to the field of medical esthetics. Emphasis is placed on developing the knowledge, skills and judgement necessary to provide a treatment plan and make professional referrals when appropriate. Students learn to work with relevant medical professionals in a safe and competent manner. The practice component is conducted in a lab/clinic environment where best practice, current regulations and protocols are  adhered to.

Career Opportunities

Successful graduates may be employed in dermatology clinics, medical spas, laser care facilities, wellness centres, plastic surgeons' offices, dental spas, destination and resort spas, day spas, as well as physicians’ offices which incorporate cosmetic practices.

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

1. utilize advanced therapeutic communication skills and adhere to relevant industry regulations in a professional medical setting;

2. perform and evaluate a detailed skin assessment for the purpose of medical procedures;

3. devise, implement and perform a treatment plan for clients using medical esthetics practices;

4. practice critical thinking and problem solving techniques while advocating the role and skills of a medical esthetician;

5. use appropriate terminology essential in a medical clinic to communicate with an interprofessional team;

6. analyze and evaluate the benefits of the different types of procedures offered in a medical spa;

7. evaluate and implement environmentally related initiatives relevant to the medical esthetic profession;

8. promote the connections between body systems and their relation to skin conditions and the aging process;

9. explore options in entrepreneurship as it relates to the medical skin care industry;

10. apply basic entrepreneurial strategies to identify and respond to opportunities in the medical skin care industry;

11. commit to and advocate for ethical conduct in the medical skin care practice.

Program Progression 

The following reflects the planned progression for full-time offerings of the program.

Fall Intake

  • Sem 1: Fall 2024
  • Sem 2: Winter 2025

Admission Requirements

  • Postsecondary public college diploma in an esthetician program

Applicants that hold a CIDESCO or esthetics diploma from a private college may also be considered. Selection will be based on a competency test.

Additional Information

It is required that students have Level HCP CPR and Standard First Aid upon registration to the program (online courses are not acceptable). It is the student's responsibility to renew their Level HCP CPR certification annually while in the Program. Students are asked to submit a copy of their current Level HCP CPR and Standard First Aid certificate before classes begin.

Applicants must have an up-to-date immunization record in compliance with the Public Hospitals Act. Completion and submission of this record is required during registration in order to ensure your placement in clinical and field placement facilities.

A Hepatitis B vaccination is required for your own safety. It may be obtained at a reduced cost through the student insurance plan.

Graduation Requirements

8 Program Courses
2 Clinical Placements

Graduation Eligibility

To graduate from this program, a student must attain a minimum of 60% or a letter grade of P (Pass) or S (Satisfactory) in each course in each semester. The passing weighted average for promotion through each semester and to graduate is 60%.

Program Tracking 

The following reflects the planned course sequence for full-time offerings of the Fall intake of the program. Where more  than one intake is offered  contact the program co-ordinator for the program tracking.

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Hours
Program Courses  
MDSC 1000 Medical Skin Care Science 42
MDSC 1001 Medical Skin Care Techniques 42
MDSC 1002 Medical Skin Care Applications 84
MDSC 1003 Oncology Esthetics 42
Clinical Placement  
MDSC 1004 Medical Skin Care Clinic 84
Semester 2
Program Courses  
MDSC 1005 Medical Intervention and Plastic Surgery Procedures 42
MDSC 1006 Advanced Medical Skin Care Techniques 42
MDSC 1007 Advanced Medical Skin Care Applications 70
MDSC 1008 The Medical Esthetic Practice and the Cosmetic Patient 28
Clinical Placement  
MDSC 1009 Advanced Medical Esthetics Clinic 84
 Total Hours560

Graduation Window

Students unable to adhere to the program duration of one year (as stated above) may take a maximum of two years to complete their credential. After this time, students must be re-admitted into the program, and follow the curriculum in place at the time of re-admission.

Disclaimer: The information in this document is correct at the time of publication. Academic content of programs and courses is revised on an ongoing basis to ensure relevance to changing educational objectives and employment market needs. 

Program outlines may be subject to change in response to emerging situations, in order to facilitate student achievement of the learning outcomes required for graduation. Components such as courses, progression, coop work terms, placements, internships and other requirements may be delivered differently than published.

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