Food Service Worker

Program: FSWR
Credential: Recognition of Achievement
Delivery: Part-time - online
Length: 1 Semester
Duration: 252 Hours
Effective: Fall 2024, Winter 2025
Location: Barrie


In this program, students develop the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective member of a food service team in health care facilities.  The curriculum focuses on the role of the Food Service Worker and the importance of issues such as safety, sanitation and nutrition.

Career Opportunities

Graduates may work in long term care facilities, hospitals, health care institutions, schedule 1 facilities, group homes, retirement homes, meals-on-wheels suppliers, school cafeterias, daycare centres for children and the elderly, day nurseries, corrections institutions and camps.

Program Learning Outcomes 

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. communicate the role of nutrition and apply the principles of human nutrition to food production, in the health care foodservice environment;
  2. discuss the standards and principles of diet therapy relating to a variety of illnesses and disease and apply these principles to the assembly of therapeutic meals in the health care foodservice environment;
  3. provide a safe and healthy dietary environment, including food that is free from bacteria and other harmful contaminants, by adhering to government and departmental regulations relating to food safety, and injury and hazard prevention strategies;
  4. contribute to the success and image of the health care dietary area by applying interpersonal skills that enhance employee performance;
  5. function within the food service worker’s scope of practice to support the goals of health care foodservice;
  6. develop and maintain ongoing personal professional development strategies;
  7. carry out cost control techniques in the operation of foodservice in the health care environment;
  8. apply food and bake theories to all aspects of food preparation in health care;
  9. implement cooking principles and techniques in the preparation of large quantities of various foods for the health care environment;
  10. apply knowledge of healthcare foodservice systems and adhere to departmental and industry work standards.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants require good communication skills and should have Grade 10 level English (C).

Graduation Requirements

6 Program Courses

Graduation Eligibility

Students must successfully complete all required courses as noted below. Further details, if applicable, are noted under "Additional Information" above.

Program Tracking

The following reflects the planned course sequence for full-time offerings of the Fall intake of the program. Where more  than one intake is offered  contact the program co-ordinator for the program tracking.

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Hours
Program Courses  
FSWR 0020 Institutional Food Service (ODE) 42
FSWR 0021 Introduction to Nutrition (ODE) 42
FSWR 0022 Sanitation and Safety (ODE) 42
FSWR 0023 Communication and the Food Service Worker (ODE) 42
FSWR 0024 Quantity Food Preparation (ODE) 42
FSWR 0025 Nutrition in Health Care (ODE) 42
 Total Hours252

Graduation Window

Students registered in part-time studies programs must maintain continuous registration in order to complete the program according to the curriculum in place at the time they were admitted. Students who do not remain continuously registered must be readmitted to the program and follow the new curriculum.

Disclaimer: The information in this document is correct at the time of publication. Academic content of programs and courses is revised on an ongoing basis to ensure relevance to changing educational objectives and employment market needs. 

Program outlines may be subject to change in response to emerging situations, in order to facilitate student achievement of the learning outcomes required for graduation. Components such as courses, progression, coop work terms, placements, internships and other requirements may be delivered differently than published.

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