Registered Nurse - Emergency Nursing

Program: RNEN
Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Delivery: Part-time
Work Integrated Learning: 1 Clinical Placement
Length: 1 Semester
Duration: 321 Hours
Effective: Fall 2017
Location: Barrie


Students are provided with the advanced knowledge and skills to give competent comprehensive care to patients in an emergency care setting. Students develop high level critical thinking, evidence-informed nursing care planning, and advanced nursing assessment required for triage and specialized care of the emergency room patient. An opportunity to apply these skills and principles of practice is provided in theory classes, simulated lab settings and clinical settings.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program qualify to work within their scope of practice in the emergency care setting.

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • practice in a professional manner within the legislated, legal and ethical frameworks in an emergency care setting;
  • utilize critical thinking and decision making skills based on theoretical and/or evidenced based knowledge and nursing judgment models to plan care for patients in an emergency care setting;
  • collect and analyze patient information using interviewing, assessment, diagnostic and lab findings to plan appropriate care;
  • recognize the necessity to adjust nursing interventions according to the patient’s psychological, social and cultural needs and the phases of growth and development;
  • integrate the theory of crisis intervention in planning care for all ages and situations in the emergency department;
  • evaluate nursing interventions common to emergency nurse practices such as the Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale;
  • collaborate with patient, family and other members of the interprofessional health care team in planning care for patients with an unpredictable health status;
  • utilize sustainable practices minimizing the environmental footprint consistent with the highest standards of practice in the emergency setting;
  • examine the concepts underpinning social entrepreneurship.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have successfully completed a diploma or degree in nursing from an accredited nursing education program. Applicants must also hold current registration with the nursing regulatory body in their home province/state and or country.

Applicants for whom English is a foreign language must provide proof of language proficiency. Please refer to Georgian’s English Language Proficiency policy 2.5

Selection Process

Applicants may be required to submit a current letter from an employer’s human resource department verifying the number of hours worked.

Criminal Reference/Vulnerable Sector Check

Placement agencies require an up-to-date clear criminal reference check and vulnerable sector check prior to going out on placement. Students should obtain their criminal reference three months prior to placement; checks conducted earlier may not be considered current. As some jurisdictions require longer lead-time for processing, please check with the program coordinator to ensure you allow for sufficient turn-around time. It is the student's responsibility to provide the completed document prior to placement start.

NOTE: Individuals who have been charged or convicted criminally and not pardoned will be prohibited from proceeding to a clinical or work placement.

Additional Information

Applicants must have up to date immunization records in compliance with the Public Hospital Act and current level HCP CPR.

Graduation Requirements

5 Mandatory Courses
1 Mandatory Professional Practice

Graduation Eligibility

To graduate from this program, a student must attain a minimum of 60% or a letter grade of P (Pass) or S (Satisfactory) in each course in each semester. The passing weighted average for promotion through each semester and to graduate is 60%. 


Mandatory Courses
RNRS 1025Introduction to Emergency Nursing
RNRS 1026Emergency Nursing 1
RNRS 1027Emergency Nursing 2
RNRS 1028Emergency Nursing 3
RNRS 1029Emergency Nursing 4
Mandatory Professional Practice
RNRS 1030Emergency Nursing Clinical Placement

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