Photographic Production

Program: PHPD
Credential: Certificate
Delivery: Part-time
Length: 1 Semester
Duration: 168 Hours
Effective: Summer 2020
Location: Barrie


Students in this program are provided an overview of photography and imaging techniques for the novice photographer. They are introduced to the basics of camera techniques, imaging fundamentals, studio work, and aesthetics, and engage in a range of courses to explore conceptual skills to nurture talents and refine existing abilities. The intent is to provide students with a foundation from which they can further develop their skills through additional study and/or experience.

Career Opportunities 

This program is designed for photography enthusiasts and those seeking careers in sectors, which a basic knowledge of photography would be beneficial. Examples include roles in advertising, marketing, wholesale and retail sectors, communications, journalism, website design, graphic design, fine art, museums, and galleries.

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. select and use appropriate photographic equipment and techniques to capture quality images of a variety of subjects, in studio and on location;
  2. use post-production techniques to edit and finish images;
  3. employ design elements and principles to plan and create photographic images;
  4. complete all work in a professional and ethical manner;
  5. express proper studio etiquette in relationship to clients, models, assistants, and art directors;
  6. develop strategies to maintain currency with evolving photography trends and technologies;
  7. select and use digital asset management tools to catalogue, store, back up, retrieve and archive images and prints;
  8. employ the toolbox, menus, and pallets of industry standard imaging software in order to create, manipulate, and output digital images;
  9. use different types of light and light modifiers as appropriate for photographing various types of subject matter;
  10. create properly exposed images using a digital camera and natural or artificial light;
  11. use principles and methods of constructive criticism when evaluating the effectiveness of an image.

Admission Requirements

OSSD or equivalent, with

  • Grade 12 English (C or U)

Mature students, non-secondary school applicants (19 years or older), and home school applicants may also be considered for admission. Eligibility may be met by applicants who have taken equivalent courses, upgrading, completed their GED, and equivalency testing. For complete details refer to:

Applicants who have taken courses from a recognized and accredited post-secondary institution and/or have relevant life/learning experience may also be considered for admission; refer to the Credit Transfer Centre website for details:

Graduation Requirements

4 Program Courses

Program Tracking 

Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Hours
Program Courses  
PHOT 1000 Photography 1: Camera Techniques 42
PHOT 1001 Visual Concepts 42
PHOT 1008 Imaging 1 - Fundamentals 42
PHOT 1010 Introduction to Studio 42
 Total Hours168

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