Food Service Worker

Program: FSWR
Credential: Recognition of Achievement
Delivery: Part-time
Work Integrated Learning: 1 Field Placement
Length: 1 Semester
Duration: 240 Hours
Effective: Fall 2017
Location: Barrie


This Program is designed to upgrade and enhance the knowledge and skill levels of Food Service Workers currently employed by Health Care Facilities. The curriculum focuses on the role of the Food Service Worker and the importance of issues such as safety, sanitation and nutrition.

The following certifications and competencies are included in the current courses of this program:

  • Service Excellence
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Emergency First Aid and Heart Saver C.P.R.
  • National Food Safety Training Program (NFSTP)
  • SmartServe

Career Opportunities

Graduates may work in long term care facilities, hospitals, health care institutions, schedule 1 facilities, group homes, retirement homes, meals-on-wheels suppliers, school cafeterias, daycare centres for children and the elderly, day nurseries, corrections institutions and camps.

Program Learning Outcomes 

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • apply self-management, leadership and interpersonal skills to enhance performance as an employee and team member;
  • use writing and speaking skills to communicate ideas clearly and completely in a professional manner (verbal, non-verbal and effective listening);
  • utilize keen observation and good judgement skills in every day as well as emergency situations;
  • define and support a healthy, safe, well-maintained kitchen environment;
  • define and support the service of food and beverage products that are free from harmful bacteria or contaminants;
  • practice a high degree of customer satisfaction in a professional and sensitive manner by recognizing the need for an adaptive approach to customer preferences and directions;
  • apply fundamental nutritional principles to all aspects of food production to maximize nutrient retention and food appeal;
  • produce and serve both food and beverage in a competent manner promoting good food and nutrition practices, and mealtime independence;
  • apply knowledge of kitchen management techniques.

Practical Experience

In order to reinforce skills and theory, students will have a field training requirement.
The field training component is 60 hours of practical experience.

Those who are currently employed in the food service department of a health care or long term care facility can apply with supporting documentation, for Prior learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). Applicants must complete a Request for Assessment of Prior Learning form and pay the non-refundable fee.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants require good communication skills and should have Grade 10 level English (C).

Graduation Requirements

6 Mandatory Courses
1 Field Placement

Graduation Eligibility

Students must successfully complete all required courses as noted below. Further details, if applicable, are noted under "Additional Information" above.


Mandatory Courses
FSWR 0008Food Service Module A: Role of the Food Service Worker
FSWR 0009Module B: Nutrition Care
FSWR 0010Module C: Food Safety and Workplace Safety
FSWR 0011Module D: Food Theory
FSWR 0012Module E: Food Preparation
FSWR 0013Module F: Food Service Management Functions
Field Placements
FSWR 0014Module G: Field Training

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