Business Studies - Client Relations

Program: BSCR
Credential: Certificate
Delivery: Part-time
Length: 1 Semester
Duration: 252 Hours
Effective: Fall 2017
Location: Varies


This program provides students with exposure to strategies and techniques that will help them to solidify and enhance their customer relations skills and build positive, lasting relationships with them. The program prepares graduates to build teams of staff dedicated to excellent service delivery, to identify, mitigate and avoid confrontational situations with internal and external customers, and to create and promote a culture of service excellence within an organization.

Career Opportunities

Graduates may be able to secure employment directly in the service sector (retail, hospitality, contact center, business office, etc.).

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • describe the various concepts involved in the delivery of customer service and the relationship between customer service and corporate culture;
  • identify the qualities of a team focused on service delivery excellence;
  • explain the fundamental concepts of business ethics;
  • identify the development of management and the challenges, skills and attributes of managers;
  • apply the strategies meaningful in order to achieve customer loyalty.

Admission Requirements

OSSD or equivalent with

  • Grade 12 English (C or U)
  • any Grade 111 or 12 Mathematics (C or U)

Minimum of 60% in Grade 11 College Mathematics (MBF3C) or any Grade 11 University Mathematics 

Mature students, non-secondary school applicants (19 years or older), and home school applicants may also be considered for admission. Eligibility may be met by applicants who have taken equivalent courses, upgrading, completed their GED, and equivalency testing. For complete details refer to:

Applicants who have taken courses from a recognized and accredited post-secondary institution and/or have relevant life/learning experience may also be considered for admission; refer to the Credit Transfer Centre website for details:

Graduation Requirements

6 Mandatory Courses

Graduation Eligibility

To graduate from this program, the passing weighted average for promotion through each semester, from year to year and to graduate is 60%. Additionally, a student must attain a minimum of 50% or a letter grade of P (Pass) or S (Satisfactory) in each course in each semester.


Mandatory Courses
BUSI 1015Building and Maintaining Customer Relations (ODE)
BUSI 1016Creating a Corporate Service Culture (ODE)
BUSI 1017Developing Client Service Teams (ODE)
BUSI 1018Strategies for Fostering Client Loyalty (ODE)
ETHC 1001Ethical Issues in Business (ODE)
MGMT 2024Management Principles (ODE)

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